About IIMT College of Pharmacy

Established in 2006 as part of the esteemed IIMT group of colleges, the IIMT College of Pharmacy has garnered a commendable reputation for delivering top-notch educational services to diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate students in the Delhi NCR region. Over the years, the institution has produced a plethora of talented graduates who have made significant contributions to the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.


Our commitment to providing quality pharmaceutical education is unwavering. Through the implementation of effective, comprehensive, and dynamic teaching methodologies, we strive to impart invaluable knowledge and skills to our students. Our classrooms are equipped with cutting-edge facilities, ensuring that students receive hands-on training of the highest standard. The recruitment of experienced academic staff and the provision of state-of-the-art infrastructure have further contributed to the success of our students.


Academic instruction


we place great emphasis on nurturing soft skills and interpersonal abilities among our students. Recognizing the importance of these skills in a competitive job market, we offer various training programs aimed at enhancing communication, emotional intelligence, and other essential competencies. As a result of our rigorous training initiatives, our students boast a remarkable 100% placement success rate, with numerous prestigious domestic and international companies offering them lucrative career opportunities.


Fees Structure


Courses Total Fees Duration
Diploma in Pharmacy ₹1,96,000/- 2 Years
Bachelor of Pharmacy ₹4,80,000/- 4 Years
Master of Pharmacy ₹1,82,000/- 2 Years




we are adopting innovative strategies to improve the competence of our students. Availability of different soft skills and interpersonal abilities are expected to manage fierce competition in the marketplace, together with spectacular academic achievement. Consequently, we plan valuable exercises that further strive to strengthen their communication abilities, emotional competence, and even more of our pupils. This rigorous coaching by our panel of experts has eventually resulted in a 100% placement success rate in the college. Multiple esteemed domestic and international corporations give our graduates splendid career opportunities. In parallel to these pursuits, we are also running counseling initiatives for transformative courses, including the GPAT, NIPER, TOFEL and UPSC assessments.




The expertise of our faculty members is evident in the stimulating academic environment they cultivate. Students benefit from thorough explanations of pharmaceutical concepts, with any doubts promptly addressed. The facilities available on the IIMT campus play a pivotal role in the academic achievements of our undergraduates. Our well-maintained laboratories enable students to engage in a wide range of experimental work, thereby enhancing their understanding of theoretical concepts and preparing them for the demands of the pharmaceutical industry.


Campus and Infrastructure


The campus of IIMT Greater Noida boasts stunning modern infrastructure, providing students with a conducive learning environment. The institution offers a variety of amenities catering to the needs of its students and faculty members. The campus is equipped with Wi-Fi, and both students and faculty adhere to a prescribed dress code.


Library: The library at IIMT Greater Noida is extensive, housing over 200,000 publications encompassing journals, magazines, and books across various disciplines. It serves as a valuable resource for academic pursuits.


Cafeteria: With 6 bustling cafeterias, the campus ensures that both students and faculty members have access to delicious and hygienic food options.


Hostel: For accommodation, the institute provides hostel facilities for both male and female students. These hostels offer a range of amenities including dining halls, indoor games, exercise equipment, internet connectivity, and outdoor sports fields.


Sports Complex: The sports complex at IIMT Greater Noida is well-equipped, featuring facilities such as badminton and volleyball courts, cricket and football grounds, a swimming pool, and more, catering to the athletic interests of the students.

Labs: The institution offers state-of-the-art lab facilities covering various disciplines including civil engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, electronics, mechanical engineering, robotics, pharmacy, journalism, antenna and wave propagation, and logic design. These labs provide hands-on learning experiences crucial for academic and practical skill development.